Network Cabling

Ensure the integrity of your network with the Augusta IT Guys at Premier Network

With the Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx you can maximize your investment and ensure the integrity of your network with an IT infrastructure foundation that is built by our accredited, industry-leading expert team.


Network cabling services provided by the Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx

The foundation of your IT infrastructure is dependent upon stable, high-speed cabling. The Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx offer network cabling services that help you maximize your investment and ensure the integrity of your network.

Our accredited, industry-leading expert team has the skills in structured voice, security and data cabling to deliver a tailored plan for your infrastructure and cabling including design, installation and maintenance. The Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx are equipped with over 40 years of communications installation experience that allows us to deliver structured cabling systems on time, on budget and to the highest standards.

At Premier Networx, we guarantee speed, value and quality from start to finish to ensure your business is running at maximum efficiency with no interruptions or downtimes at all times. Our cables will be clearly labeled, and patch panels and workstations jacks will have durable, printed labels so they can be easily identified. As your business grows and changes, so will your IT needs, which is why the Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx will be available to adjust to your businesses needs as necessary when you need them.


The Augusta IT Guys and Premier Networx offer wireless site survey services

A wireless site survey, or radio frequency (RF) site survey, is the first step in the deployment of a wireless network and the most important step to ensure desired operation. A site survey is a task-by-task process by which the surveyor studies the facility to discover coverage areas, check for interferences and determine the appropriate placement of wireless devices.

The Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx offers wireless site surveys to help provide uninterrupted wireless access throughout an entire building, facility or campus. This preliminary survey ensures the best placement for the highest performance and most efficient use of wireless access points. We can ensure a proper site survey from our experienced technicians that will provide you with information on coverage, sources of interference, where equipment should be placed, power considerations and wiring requirements. You will not be left in the dark about any of the details because it will help serve as a guide for the proper installation of the wireless communication infrastructure. Many people don’t realize how important site surveys can be for their business. Something as small as the microwave running in your office’s kitchen can interfere with your internet connection and cause trouble for your employees. Choosing the Augusta IT Guys at Premier Networx will ensure your wireless foundation is setup the right way from the start.


Get started with our wireless site survey services at the Augusta IT Guys

Want to get started with the premier wireless site survey services and solutions offered in the Augusta area by Premier Networx and the Augusta IT Guys? Contact us to ensure your wireless network is operating at maximum efficiency for smooth operations at your business or organization.