Nonprofit Spotlight: SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center

Premier Networx’s September 2020 Nonprofit Spotlight is SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center.

1 in 4 American women will experience domestic violence at least once in her lifetime.

The mission of SafeHomes is to transform victims of domestic violence into survivors.

“We believe that every person has the right to live without fear and that no one deserves to be abused. Through advocacy, we respect the intrinsic value of each client, regardless of where they are in their journey. Through education, we help end the cycle of violence, one family at a time. And through awareness, we empower our community to take a stand against domestic violence and support victims as they transform their lives into survivors.”

Domestic violence does not discriminate.  Abuse is about power and control and it does not matter how old someone is, their gender, their culture or socioeconomic status, or any other factors.


In 1979, a coalition of women in Augusta formed to seek ways to assist other women who were victims of domestic violence. Although the size of the problem was unclear at the time, many of the women involved understood the need based on experiences as volunteers or professional workers in churches and social service agencies. At the time, there were no local organizations offering assistance to victims of domestic violence.

Then, in 1983, the SafeHomes shelter opened. That year, 80 women were helped and in just 2 years, more than 500 women had been helped.

In February 2014, SafeHomes embarked on a $3 Million capital campaign to build a new facility that would more than double the capacity to serve victims in need. And in June 2016, they opened the new 14,500-square-foot building.

Today, SafeHomes has become much more than just a shelter and impacts the lives of more than 2,000 individuals and their families each year. A program of directed and focused services for women, men and children, they can shelter up to 24 individuals at one time in the emergency shelter, but we also offer essential aid to non-residential victims of violence through outreach.

In 2019:

  • 17,996 services were provided to 1,672 people
  • 310 were children
  • 200 adults and children were sheltered for a total of 4,606 bed nights
  • Over 4,000 people in our community attended a presentation to learn more about domestic violence

Learn how to donate here.

Learn how to get involved here.

Premier Networx is proud to support SafeHomes Domestic Violence Center. All information on this page is from the SafeHomes website.


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