Master These Easy PowerPoint Tricks

We’ve compiled easy PowerPoint tricks in order to make your presentation preparation easier and your slideshow more impressive!

  1. Easily Capture Screenshots: On the insert tab, click the Screenshot icon. Click the open window that you need to screenshot. Once you select the screenshot, it will drop into the slide you’re editing.
  2. Forget ‘Copy & Paste’ – Use Duplicate: Hold ‘CTRL’ while you click and drag on the object. It will make an exact duplicate.
  3. Animate Anything: Most objects in your PowerPoint slide can move. Select the object, click on the animate tab, and pick from the many options.
  4. Remove the Background From Your Pictures: Select the picture, go to Picture Tools, click on the Format Tab, and select Remove Background. The background will light up purple. You may need to adjust it with the ‘Mark Areas to Keep’ and ‘Mark Areas to Remove’ tools. Click ‘Keep Changes’ and the background will be removed.
  5. Use the Kiosk Presentation: If you need your presentation to loop continuously, use the kiosk mode. Click on the Slide Show tab, select ‘Set Up Slide Show’ and in the pop up box, select ‘Browsed at a Kiosk (full screen). Use the Transitions tab to set how long you want a slide to show (keep in mind that the time is in seconds).
  6. Include Audio: Click on the Insert Tab, select Audio, and you can pick from audio on your hard drive or you have the option to narrate it yourself. If you’d like to extend the audio over multiple slides, click the speaker icon that shows you have embedded audio. In Audio Tools, select the Playback tab. In the start section, check ‘Play Across Slides’.
  7. Embed Your Fonts: If you’re preferred fonts aren’t installed in the computer used for your presentation, PowerPoint will automatically replace it with a default font which will mess up your alignments and aesthetic. To embed your font go to File – Options – Save. Go the the ‘Preserve Fidelity When Sharing This Presentation’ option and click on the ‘Embed Fonts in the File’ box. At this point you can either embed just the characters or embed all of the characters. Then hit ‘OK’.

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