Cyber Threat Report: Insider Threats

According to RiskBased Security, in Q1 2020 alone, 8.4 billion records were exposed which is an alarming 273% increase vs Q1 of 2019. 2020 is tracking to set a new data breach record with every industry being targeted including healthcare, government, legal, hospitality, telecommunications, and more.

The most significant weakness and biggest contributor to these cyberattacks are Insider Threats.

Insider Threats are individuals that have authorized access to your company’s network and data that pose a security risk. This includes:

  • Reckless Employees: Individuals who neglect your company’s cybersecurity policy (inadvertently or negligently)
  • Emotional Employees: Individuals who seek to harm their company as revenge
  • Malicious Insiders: Individuals that misuse their access for personal gain
  • Inside Agents: Individuals who are recruited by outside parties to steal, alter, or misuse information
  • Third-Party Users: Third-party individuals that take advantage of their access to compromise the security of a company’s network

Human vulnerability can be a huge liability for your company and can lead to a data breach and financial loss. In order to mitigate your risk from Insider Threats, we recommend that your company immediately implement and enforce cybersecurity guidelines.

Your guidelines should include:

  • Continuing education for your employees on cybersecurity
  • Always report suspicious activity and threats to your IT team
  • Create and maintain a user access privilege list
  • Keep your software and programs updated to prevent cyberattacks
  • Enforce a strict password policy
    • Never reveal your passwords to others.
    • Never use simple passwords that contain any part of your name, username, birthday, etc.
    • Never use the same password for multiple accounts.
    • Refrain from using words that are usually found in a dictionary.
    • Always enable multi-factor authentication when available as a second line of defense.
    • Never store your passwords in a browser.
    • Change your password frequently.
    • Test your password for hackability using a password tester, we recommend Microsoft Security Center.
    • To create a complex but memorable and secure password, use passphrases by combining random words into a sequence.
    • Never write down your passwords. If you need help remembering them, use a password manager such as LastPass.

Implementing cybersecurity in the workplace is vital and everyone’s responsibility. Insider Threats may be hard to recognize, but by enforcing preventative measures, you can keep your business secure.

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