How to Sell Your IT Services

With the recent business digital transformation, countless businesses have created an online presence. According to FinancesOnline, “89% of enterprises are planning to adopt or have already adopted a digital business strategy.” This statistic was from 2018!

The COVID-19 pandemic has only further pushed businesses to become digital. Core to maintaining an effective digital presence is having a strong IT presence. This is where an IT support provider becomes a great asset to a company.

There are a few beneficial tips on how to sell your IT services effectively. Continue to read to learn more!

Why IT is Important

With technology, issues can arise unpredictably. Technology issues are an inevitable downside to a digital transformation.

Yes, there are far more pros than cons with a digital presence. The matter at hand is that problems do arise and businesses need to be prepared.

When a problem does occur, it can be significant. In turn, it can affect every person involved in the business. When a company’s technology is not working properly, this decreases overall productivity.

The moral of the story is that precious time is wasted. This is one of the worst fears of business owners. The good news is that they can rely on services like yours.

You have an expertise that is greatly desired by small and large businesses. Your experience and expertise are a great value proposition. This leads to tip 1.

Tip 1: Demonstrate Your Value

As an IT service provider, you provide great value for businesses. IT encompasses multiple services. One is providing a support team if an issue with the company’s technology systems arises.

Another service is managing the company’s information technology presence. As an expert, you can make recommendations and help the company maintain its digital communication technologies.

Most IT service providers handle all of these needs. To effectively sell your services, you will need to determine what is your specialty and how you can demonstrate your value to potential clients.

Tip 2: Explain Your Services in a  Straightforward Manner

With IT, there is a whole host of different services you may provide. Highlighted in tip one, you will have to decide what services you offer and how to demonstrate value.

The best way to demonstrate the value of the services you provide is by explaining your services in an easy to comprehend and straightforward manner.

Many business decision-makers have some familiarity with technology but are not accustomed to industry terminology. In other words, describe your IT services in layman’s terms.

Explaining your service is crucial, but providing real results can be especially beneficial. Share positive statistics with potential clients and show them how your services can impact their business.

When you “prove” how beneficial your services are with factual data, this will entice a client to agree to the sale quicker.

Tip 3: Create Rapport

The key to completing an IT sale is building rapport with potential clients. Not only are you demonstrating the value you provide, but more importantly you have to earn the potential clients’ trust.

If said clients begin to form a relationship with you, they are more likely to trust you to oversee their IT department.

Technology is very expensive and critical to companies in the modern business environment. Company decision-makers are going to select IT providers that are deemed trustworthy.

How do you build rapport? It is not complicated. Most importantly, you are professional in everything you do.

You have to earn the respect of the potential client. Simple measures such as politeness, punctuality, and preparedness can be so impactful.

Remember that your sales strategy should not be about you, but your potential clients. Yes, you will of course discuss the services you provide, but it is important to tailor the conversation to the potential client and his/her needs.

Customization shows you care. It demonstrates your desire to sincerely help the client and be of service to them. This will build rapport.

Tip 4: Do Not Over Price

Do not overprice does not mean undervalue your services. Your expertise and the solutions you provide are worth good money. It is your IT services that make you a living.

The core principle behind this tip is that it would be wise to price your services in a mutually beneficial price range. You want to feel well compensated, while the client feels he or she got great value for the money they spent on your services.

To create this price range, you will have to determine how you want to market your services. How do you desire to sell your services? As basic support or as a high-end option with all the bells and whistles? Or maybe in the middle?

Tip 5: Marketing’s Role in Selling Your IT Services

Marketing plays a pivotal role in product or service sales. It is often the marketing department that creates the content for a sales appointment.

To grow your IT services, investing in a website and social media accounts would be intelligent. You want to be able to advertise your services effectively.

A website would provide critical information to potential clients and clients. A well-designed, organized, and aesthetically pleasing website can drive traffic.

Additionally, it will give potential clients the ability to contact you. Some prospects may learn about your services through positive word of mouth and look your company up.

Word of mouth is one of the most effective approaches to getting new sales. When people hear from friends or loved ones that they had an amazing experience with your company, this will encourage them to contact your company.

This is why it’s imperative to treat clients with respect. When you are acting professional and handling needs in a caring matter, you are making a last impression.

How to Sell Your IT Services? Demonstrate Value, Strategically Market, and Be Professional

The tips above are just a foundation on how to sell your IT services more effectively. Key things to remember are to demonstrate value, explain your services in an easy-to-understand way, build rapport with potential clients, and strategically market your services.

Utilizing the recommendations provided can not only help you sell your IT services but help you create a lasting legacy in your community.

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