HIPAA Assessment Service

Keep Your Medical Office Compliant

HIPAA compliance requires not only an Annual Risk Analysis, but also proof of on-going efforts. Having this knowledge (and the tools) is crucial, as the new opportunity also is accompanied by new threats, such as increased responsibility for errors and omissions.


Here are the statistics:

  • An average of at least one health data breach per day
  • Reported 176 insider incidents for healthcare Organizations.
  • Insider-error affected 758,281 patient records and insider-wrongdoing affected 893,978.
  • Ransomware was involved in 70% of the publicly broadcast healthcare breaches
  • 27% of incidents were related to PHI (personal health information) printed on paper
  • 21% of incidents involved lost and stolen laptops containing unencrypted PHI

Compliance is not about obtaining a level of consistent perfection. Simply put, compliance is a voyage, and a successful roadmap requires establishing “best efforts” and having the ability to show that they were relentlessly pursued. Premier Networx is proactively willing and able to educate you on what the process will be when an issue of noncompliance is found. It also means that you’ll be equipped with reliable tools to show and organize best efforts.

We will walk you through the technical compliance documentation process and remediation tasks in an organized, step-by-step manner. Our unique approach combines the most comprehensive automated scanning tools with an easy-to-follow compliance process. Once the initial documentation is set up and the first scan is performed, the clearly formatted reports identify gaps in processes and important updates requiring attention.

We provide on-site survey and data gathering to determine existing HIPAA HITECH compliance status.

Our detailed reports include:

  • HIPAA HITECH Policy & Procedures document that outlines the policies required by your practice and the procedures to implement them
  • HIPAA HITECH Risk Analysis that will identify the vulnerabilities to security of the ePHI and estimate the level of threat
  • HIPAA HITECH Management Plan that identifies the strategies and tactics your practice will need to implement in order to become or remain compliant
  • Evidence of HIPAA HITECH compliance including all documentation needed to support your office’s compliance activities.
  • With our External Vulnerable scans, we will be able to identify potential security risks associated with open ports and resolve those or recommend ways to ensure your network is safe.

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